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Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Fri May 5 11:40:59 EDT 2017


Haven't seen much activity here in awhile...
Please enjoy this conversation-stopping post.

( Fulton is a little further than I want to drive
for a group meeting... and I have no idea how the Ubuntu
group fares at Catonsville..)  OK,  smack me with a wet noodle
for getting a bit lazy, or picky....   I passed a milestone birthday.
Change is in the air, and in the desktop linux environment.

Just wondering - as much curiosity as 
"maybe" ---  how any of the local small computer places
rate for buying a laptop or used parts ?  I'm NOT
desiring any repairs.   Some linux knowledge would
be good....  SCREW QUALCOM PARTS !!!   - although
I might not be able to ....

More or less, I'm looking either for an outstanding 
suggestion, or a "avoid at all costs"...

I know there are a number of small shops and don't know
how they stay in business  -- one large client for each ??
So, I'm in SW Baltimore, and am interested in the area from
Catons/Patapso Ave, west to    maybe Eliicot City,
south line maybe Washington Blvd going N. to rt. 40 ...

Of course, include all Halethorpe, Lansdowne, Catonsville,
Violetville, etc... 
Or would I still be better to visit Towsons Microtek.....
Or maybe one of ya'll have a laptop and some junk ....

Now that the type of local shop is speced, I guess I'd also be
looking for any of ya'll with used stuff...   My first pass
would be at least a dual core, prefer 4, AMD cheaper than Intel, 
8 gigs ram, 500 gig or bigger drive, and a 17" screen....
or bigger...  Have thought about one of those all-in-ones to
maybe carry about...

Are you a gamer and upgraded yet again recently ?
No, I'm not interested in spending $1000....  

Temper your answers with the fact I've been "sorta" looking
for 6 years ???? HAAA !!!!    also looking for 2-3 junk laptops
locally for giveaway...   OK to have no bricks, or batteries,
or hard disks... although one "bad" drive and one "bad" DVD
drive would be OK.   I plan to break apart dramatically ....
for some look-see...

private replies respected...




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