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Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 13:21:27 EST 2017


Don't recall if I mentioned this.
A friend and myself took a tour of the so called 
Computer Museum created by SystemSource
near i-83 and Warren Rd.  

Definitely worth the trip.
Check their museum web page linked from
syssrc.com  They have a page with lots of images
of the cool stuff.  In person, it's way better.

contact Bob Roswell.   8-5 weekdays.
See a real linotype actually work. And a 40 ft. sliderule.

They are also VERY interested in collectiing  computer artifacts.
If you are a hoarder, now is the time.    I didn't see a good
example of a purely TTL version of a computer, or a large word
size, say 96 bit machine.. (I worked on bit slice briefly at Goddard
bout 1979 ).   Didn't see any 4004, or 8008 machines.   Machines,
even special ones before about 1975 would be considered I think,
 but  -- I don't speak for them !!   They have lots of stuff already
from the early 80's.   If you see something there and you have an 
original mfrgs doc, then they'd probably like that.

A machine with complete documents is even better.
Generally, they're not accepting bunches of old books.
If you like to curate a particular machine, and want to volunteer.... 
they're open to discussion.


As an aside, and I know I asked this q recently-   Who and what 
was the guy in  Carroll County who had 30,000 old tech books and
documents that got kicked out of his place  ( home ? rented warehouse ?)
and put everything in storage.

Someone sent me a note before, that the stuff was in storage, etc...

but I never heard if the person was in a business, had a personal collection,
or what his motivation was...   Was he a book exchanger/buyer/seller of
antique books  ?? Just wondering....  


About once a week, I've been dumping about 5-7 DOS era books over at
UnallocatedSpace, and they throw out  leftovers  if no one picked them up...
freebees if you want.    . . ..     I may be disposing of  chip manuals soon...
Haven't  decided exactly when yet.

Walt .. . . . 

 The government is lawless, not the press (people).
 ( [Supreme Court] Justice Douglas re: The Pentagon Papers )

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