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Full Circle Magazine which is devoted to articles about Linux, is in need of new articles for future editions.
I have included the message from them outlining the process.
I have written two articles in the past on converting a small business to open-source software and Nolapro, the business accounting program.
They were very helpful in editing the content and I found them very easy to work with.
Please consider submitting an article about your favorite open-source program or your experience with using Linux.

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Full Circle DESPERATELY needs articles 	
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I know I often harp on about needing articles, but now I have nothing in reserve. Full Circle Magazine receives thousands of downloads each month yet very few articles are submitted. The only thing keeping FCM afloat, at the moment, is the regular writers who appear every month, and frequently. This month in particular (November) has been hard as a couple of regulars can't submit this month (and they do deserve some time off!). So, expect a thinner than normal PDF this issue. 
I know you're probably tired at the end of your day, but take a few minutes to write something. ' I'm too busy ' isn't an excuse. I work a full-time job and do this voluntarily. As do the regular writers. There are days when I can't be bothered doing this, but I do it. I don't want to let you guys down. As I know a lot of you enjoy reading Full Circle. 
So, please , write something for the magazine. It's your magazine after all. It's your place to say what you think. Show what you do. And to help others. 
Some writing ideas: 
NOTE : where I say Ubuntu/Linux it can be any flavour/distro. 

    * Write a piece about your thoughts on Ubuntu/Linux: 
        * What you like/dislike? 
        * What you'd like to see added/removed? 
        * What helps/hinders you in your daily use? 
    * What made you start using Ubuntu/Linux? 
        * Is there anything you miss from another OS? 
    * Review a piece of software you regularly use. 
        * For games give a rating out of five stars 
    * Review a Linux book that you recently enjoyed. 
    * Help people learn new things: 
        * Write an article showing how to use a piece of software. Even just showing the basics is helpful. 
            * Be sure to include screenshots (JPG format) 
        * If you're feeling adventurous then write a series of articles showing a piece of software. 
            * It can be as long/short as you choose. 
    * Is there something we're missing? 
        * If you have an idea for an article/series/column we're not currently covering then write about that too. We're always open to new ideas. 
Email your articles to: ronnie at fullcirclemagazine.org 
Here's hoping we can keep this going for another ten years! 
Thank you! 




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