[CALUG] using NetworkManager in CenOS7

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 7 15:49:27 EDT 2017


Just upgraded box and installed CentOS7.
It's a move from retiring a x32 and using x64.
CentOS6.8, and many many programs at first
glance is radically different than 7.  

NetworkManager is installed.   In the settings menu,
it only shows a wired setup.  Very minimal in the gui.
This is disappointing to me as I'm used to seeing 
various ways to set up connections which the older
Managers have.  Such as wireless.

In any event, it looks like the various packages for
NetworkManager are all installed:  such as tui ( curses )
asdl, etc... about 6 that I saw...   

What I don't know is how to use them.

Description of how I can use them, or how the
CentOS7 uses them would be appreciated..
compared to older Managers..

One example is that the dialup modem setup
isn't there.  As FYI, I was forced to use wvdial
and let it start pppd ...  but still had to add stuff to
resolv.conf  * manually *    And I still don't know
where pppd got it's displayed options from... 
( I looked around for typical files-- /etc/ppp or 
pppd.conf  etc.. )

Walt . . . . 

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