[CALUG] OT giveaways ( old manuals )

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 17:38:52 EST 2018

I have a couple things if anyone wants them.
One or 2 may be repeats from prev posts.

QNX OS from about 1989, I'd say 90% of
original manuals.  I think I have the software
if I look...

Xenix 386, I copied to both 5 and 3 " floppies:
I have keys.  All original docs are copies  on 8.5 X 11" 
in binders... ( several 3" thick. ) 

A q arises: is todays malware looking for holes
in such old software ?

MS C 5.1 compiler manuals :  2 vols. original in binders.
 ( includes targeting for OS/2 etc...  )

Archimedes 8051 compiler manual... 8.5 x 11" copies
in a binder, of course... includes simCASE.info .
( uh, 2 binders....  don't know whats in both .. )

MATHCAD 2.0 and 2.5 manuals..  in binders as above..

Binder ( as above ) with MS DOS Pascal Compiler Users guide,
2nd half has Blaise Tools and VIEW User manual.

Original IBM PC Macro rAssembler Ref  manual.

If you are really interested, I also have the DOS Tech Ref Manual
copy, and the AT Tech Ref manual copy ( including the source code in
print for the basic POST and bios including switch to protected mode 
for the 286.  

I'll keep the two tech ref manuals above if no interest.
The other stuff is doomed, more or less ..

Q: is there a single repository ( or two ) when most/much of
old development type software and manuals is available ?   
Have the Original Companies opened up and submitted their
stuff out there  ?   I would guess not.   I worked on a R&D
project for a big company, and what seems typical
is that when it was shut down ( nothing went to final product ),
all the research data and small experimental instruments were
boxed up never to be heard from again.

Same with a early" web" company. When they went bankrupt, 
$300,000 spent for software and the hardware designs disappeared
to the lenders boxes, and never heard from again. 


Walt ...............

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