[CALUG] Ubuntu MD Loco January 27 Meeting

Ron Swift rswift at swiftstaffing.com
Fri Jan 19 13:20:25 EST 2018

After a two month holiday break, the first meeting of the new year is Saturday, January 27, 2018 at CCBC Rolling Rd campus.
We meet in the HTEC building in room 101. Use parking lot 5.
We will have a general discussion of our plans for the year to include events surrounding the release of the next Ubuntu LTS 18.04 in April.
In addition, Scott Beeker, will give the second part of his presentation on docker and swarms. Specifically:

It may seem these are cloud topics, but they actually relate back to linux very well when you really study the core of it all.

Discussion 1

Extend Docker discussion out to the Cloud (15 minutes each)

    Docker Swarm
    Docker to Amazon
    Docker to OpenShift
    Docker to Google
    Brief introduction on Raspberry PI Cluster

    Show what is required
        PI Cluster board
        USB power cable
        RPI 4
        4 – PI zeros
        1-5 SD Cards

Discussion 2. (future discussion for those interested in RPI cluster)

1) Docker Swarm on RPI Cluster

2) Ansible

3) Using Ansible to configure / maintain RPI configurations.

    Why?. You can run one command to make a PI the same configuration each time.. So future RPI discussions everyone will always have same PI images / tools etc.

Please join us, thanks.


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