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So my part in this conversation was the VPN back home to take advantage of
the PiHole ad blocking (and the rest of my network).

I use an OpenVPN server at home as a part of my router and have clients on
most every device I have. We connect back home and all of my DNS traffic
goes through the PiHole DNS server at home to block most ads and [known]
bad sites. Plus my traffic all appears to be originating from my home.

One of my devices is [an older version of the current] GL.iNet
GL-AR300M16-Ext Mini Travel Router. They run just under $40 at most of the
online places. It runs OpenWrt out of the box and I can flash it with a
fresh ROM if/as needed. I have this device configured as an OpenVPN client
back to my home. When I travel I'll set this to access the guest wifi/wired
network in the hotel. I go back to a tablet/laptop to authenticate against
the captive portal. Once on the internet I can then establish a VPN
connection back home. The devices in the room then connect via the router
to share the hotel connection over VPN.

There are different brands of travel routers and features. What you get
will depend on your needs. My router is powerful enough for the two of us
to both be on VPNs to work and stream Netflix or similar (when the hotel
connection is not a bottleneck. Just make sure that whatever you get has
the ability to connect to the guest wifi where you're at and act as a
wireless router at the same time.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 11:24 PM Thomas Delrue <thomas at epistulae.net> wrote:

> On 4/22/19 10:01 AM, B Spiker (gmail) wrote:
> > At the last meeting there were interesting discussions (for me) DNS
> > and ad blockers. I would like to have more discussions on home use
> > and how to protect remote family members. The one gentleman was going
> > to create a family VPN network if I recall and protect all from
> > central location.
> The DNS solution called IvyDNS was mine but there was discussion about
> PiHole as well.
> I think the solution that 'phones home and sets up a VPN' that you are
> thinking of was the Chuck's set up.
> Speaking of which, Chuck, what is the device that you use called again?
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