[CALUG] February 13th Meeting Announcement -- Emacs Org mode

Chuck Frain chuck at chuckfrain.net
Thu Feb 7 21:00:05 EST 2019

Greetings All,

For the February 13, 2019 CALUG meeting we will be welcoming Chuck Frain
who will be talking about Orangization with Org mode.

So you’ve been spending some time Marie Kondo-ing your life since the new
year. One of the things you’ve discovered doesn’t spark joy in your digital
life organizer tools. Emacs Org mode may be what you’re looking for.

Org mode started in 2003 as an outlining tool with enhancements for taking
notes and TODO lists. As things go with such projects it has grown and
features are added over time. Some of the additional features enhance
project planning, authoring documents, task tracking and more utilizing the
power of Emacs Lisp. Org mode can help you consolidate many of your various
tracking tools. All in a plain text format.

We will be hosted at the UMBC Training Center, located at 6996 Columbia
Gateway Dr #100, Columbia, MD 21046. When you walk in through the mail
lobby make a right. We will be at the end of the hall in the last room on
the right. Our friends at Aplura will be providing the pizza and soda
starting at 6:30. The talk will start about 7pm.

We are looking for speakers for the upcoming months. If you have a topic
you would like to present on, please let me know and I’ll get you scheduled.


Chuck Frain
GPG Key: B2420431
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