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Shawn Webb lattera at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 12:26:33 EST 2019

One question I've learned to ask is: what's your anticipated budget?

My Dell Precision 7510 laptop cost around $3,000. It shipped with
Ubuntu Linux, but I replaced Linux with HardenedBSD. It's the best
laptop I've ever owned. Intel Xeon 4C/8T, 64GB ECC RAM, dedicated
NVIDIA Quadro GPU, 1TB NVMe and a 1TB SSD. I've since upgraded the
NVMe and SSD both to 2TB. At one point, I had three additional
monitors (so with the laptop's screen, four total) hooked up to it. I
haven't had a single issue to this day with it.

Granted, this is a laptop, not a desktop. But, the experience should
be the same on just about any of the professional Dell desktop models
that ship with Ubuntu Linux.


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On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 01:45:48PM -0500, Wes Westhaver wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to purchase a desktop computer, install Linux (Ubuntu or
> Mint?), and attach two (possibly three) monitors to it. Can anyone here
> provide guidance on what desktop systems and video cards are well supported
> by Linux?
> I'm probably going to purchase some refurbished equipment from
> PCLiquidations (https://www.pcliquidations.com/) since I'm on a tight
> budget. 
> Until now, I've only had experience with using Linux as a server (mostly
> headless). But I want to get away from MS-Windows and go completely Linux.
> Any advice would be very much appreciated.
> -Wes
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