[CALUG] android Q's

waltechmail at yahoo.com waltechmail at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 13:16:22 EDT 2019

wasn't sure I should itemize in separate posts.
so bear with me...
smart phone is cheap  $30 , SW V 6.
(so I expect it to be slow sometimes ).

Phone has default generic google connected browser.
Phone was setup as a google machine.
I don't want to chance "root" at present, and just want to
see if I can distance myself from google. 

1.  Where is a good place to get *user* specific android  info.
such as "howto" if I have a  q:.   I * believe* however,
this may be fruitless as each phone has it's own ecostructure.

(Then I might have a more appropriate place to find help )

2.  I'd like to support free/open code, and I don't want to use
google paid apps.  I found the fdroidx site.   Where are similar sites ?
recommended ?  ed:  I HAD used fdroidx a couple times and a
search today just to check on it had no results !!!!  go figure...

I now use dolphin web browser.  Dolphin doesn update.
Because of google, I want to avoid chrome ( privacy advocate ).
I D/L FF and am not comfortable in size and slowness...
Is there something else ?

4.  I use default contact/messenger/phone.
any better suggestions ?  In particular, I'd like to
use less punches to add a incoming phone num to block.

Walt . . . . 

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