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Bryan Smith me at bjsmith.me
Mon Oct 26 15:00:58 EDT 2020

SOHO or commercial?  If home, Amplifi is Ubiquiti's SOHO products.

Synology Mesh is better -- I have it on my hilly/split-level 3 acres
(covers about 1 acre close to the house with RT2600ac + 2xMR2200ac),
and their non-router base stations (currently MR2200ac, probably a
newer one due shortly) is far more powerful -- radio/performance-wise
(as a router alone, MR lacks what the RT has) -- than most of the
consumer products out there.  Some people like the Synology RTM
(Router) software, which is similar to their DSM (DiskStation), and
some do not.  There are other products with similar hardware to the
Synlogy RT series.  I know Synology is reading a new series of
products for the new, proposed IEEE 802.11 standards.  But I've had
great experience with the RT/MR series, especially 5GHz, but even
2.4GHz is solid, over the past 4 years (RT1900ac, which was
underpowered for Snort/IDS-IPS, RT2600ac much better).

Going commercial, whole different ballgame.  Although prices go up, of course.

- bjs

On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 2:53 PM Thomas Delrue <thomas at epistulae.net> wrote:
> Just as a general feelers-being-put-out... Does anyone have opinions or
> experiences with Mesh WiFi products (e.g. Amplifi or Ubiquiti) for home use?
> Which ones do you use and how (un)happy are you with them? How hard are
> they to install, expand, or manage?
> How much (as a range) did you pay for them?
> Eager to hear what people have running...
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