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Ainsley ainsley.gibson at gmail.com
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I too used Ubiquiti for a commercial/semi-private facility some years ago.
It worked well at the time, no real issues, and had to use their
proprietary Web console for initial setup which is common I guess. PoE
switch required for wired devices but setup and functionality was great! I
have a work colleague who really likes the new stuff in the Ubiquiti line
and has made a really "smart home" out of what they offer with cameras all
around and all that stuff...


On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 8:56 AM Chuck Frain <chuck at chuckfrain.net> wrote:

> I went with Ubiquiti AC lite access points ($80-$90 on average). For the
> number of devices connecting vs the features offered in the pro, the price
> difference wasn't justified. I picked up 2 APs which, for my home, is
> probably overkill. But with where they're positioned I get strong coverage
> everywhere, including the yard. I run the controller software off of an
> existing VM that I have for other purposes.
> I know some people who like the Ubiquiti routers and others who think they
> are way overpriced for home use. I have my OPNSense box for the firewall an
> routing needs.
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 2:53 PM Thomas Delrue <thomas at epistulae.net>
> wrote:
>> Just as a general feelers-being-put-out... Does anyone have opinions or
>> experiences with Mesh WiFi products (e.g. Amplifi or Ubiquiti) for home
>> use?
>> Which ones do you use and how (un)happy are you with them? How hard are
>> they to install, expand, or manage?
>> How much (as a range) did you pay for them?
>> Eager to hear what people have running...
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