[CALUG] android mozilla browser 68

waltechmail at yahoo.com waltechmail at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 15:09:21 EDT 2020

hi all

as a followup to my prev email.
status is as follows.

i bought a necessary VoLTE LG with
android 8 , snapdragon.

added samsung browser and ff 68.
i thought about d/l the new daylight
browser but have several problems..
the moz web page provides no dl link
except goifle play.

rather than use google play, i dont
know which version to get from the pub
dir on mozilla.  heck i dont know
if the phone is a arm or mips or..
rather which risc ?

 cannot find simple expected update menu
in the ff 68 menus.

aside issue us that the ff/yahoo
compose window is gibberish when
ttping hence i do this with samsung
browser in yahoo compose. which is the
major reason for desiring update.

ff 68 mobile seems to do a pretty good
job by itself... are users still
suggesting ublock, ghostery, adblock
etc for privacy ?? any additional
addons suggested from moz for useful

ok , comment.
while i know moz gets a fist full of
dollars from google, its irrirating
the browser tries to force me into
a google account while proclaiming

conspiracy theory: the moz team really
does try-outs for various security
features as counterprogramming to educate
google how to handle those situations.
hence the continuous security feature
shifts left then right and back again.

but im still buying in !

---- Trump is another Dick
---- Buy flowers, not guns
---- The government is lawless, not the press (people) said
 Supreme Court Justice Douglas re: The Pentagon Papers

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