[CALUG] WordPress Hosting Question

Thomas Delrue thomas at epistulae.net
Tue Sep 15 08:59:11 EDT 2020

I know this isn't purely Linux related, but I figured I'd run this
question past the collective mind here anyway:

Does anyone have any solid recommendations and good experiences for
managed wordpress hosting? The requirements are:
- high availability (obviously)
- Ability to talk to the backing database directly as well (in order to
migrate content from other, non-wordpress site into the new wordpress site)
- Lack of the need to host the full domain with them as well

I'm eager to hear the recommendations!


P.S.: The "rough" answer is to "Why don't you host it yourself?" is
"Because that's not what our org does, we just need the site to work and
don't want to have to think about keeping a wordpress server up and
running. We're fine paying someone else to babysit that server and keep
it online."

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