[CALUG] moving files between linux and windows

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 19:24:56 EST 2017

I want to easily move user files between 
Windows and Linux.   It appears my last 
Resort will be to make DVDs.

Or, use a 8 g thumb drive.  Maybe.

How ??!

I have a 32g thumb drive.  It doesn't work
When using windows to read Linux written 
Files.  Those of you with some trials will
Know this.

I have a 400g HD in a USB box with the
Same problem.

Ii believe my centos 6.8 has the ntfs- 3g
Program installed, which partly works at
Reading...  Cent provides 2 utilities that
Seem at odds with each other.  One can't find a ntfs  util and the other doesnt list nt.  Windows
Format will do fat32 and try 16kb sector size -- Linux writes ok 
But windows barfs. gain, if
 you tried...

It appears Linux can see files written by 
Windows... But I tired of repeatedly clearing
And reformatting the 32 g thumb at both 

So, tell me there's no easy solution.

Walt ....
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